Sunday, October 25, 2009

San Francisco Opera Costume Shop Sale

The economy doesn't seem to be a factor for those buying costumes from the San Francisco Opera Costume Shop sale. Sure, lots of $1 - $25 items - but from what I saw, people were coming out with garbage bags full and rumors spread of folks spending upwards of $2,000 (I think the average sale was probably about $100 though - from others I spoke to). There was a separate section of costumes starting at $500 and UP. There didn't seem to be a shortage of people buying from that area although it was much less crowded than the sections of $1 - $250.

I had my eye on a costume from the Opera LuLu. It was $5000 and I believe it was designed by Bob Mackie (the white jumpsuit pictured). It was completely beaded - and probably worth the price - maybe more - but that's too much for me - so I left with a few gowns and miscellaneous pieces that I will use as inspiration in my Jewelry Designs. If you want to see a collection of photos from the sale, you can find them on my flickr account

It was a great day of waiting and shopping. I got there at 9:30AM on the first day of the sale (scheduled to start at 11AM). The line was already 1 1/2 blocks long. I waited in line for 6 hours before I got in (they were only allowing so many at a time). Then, shopped for about 1 hour and waited in line for 3 hours at checkout. Everyone was friendly and it was loads of fun seeing all the costumes and reading the tags of the Opera it was used in, the year and sometimes even the performer. Can't wait till the next sale, but next time, I'll get there much earlier!