Thursday, May 7, 2009

Starting with an Inspired Piece

I'm a Jewelry Artist and getting started with a Blog so others can follow my journey if they choose. I've enjoyed reading experiences from others Blogs, so here it begins.

I was watching the Oprah show a few weeks ago, and she was wearing a bracelet I really liked. It's a cuff style bracelet with connecting circle shapes. Simple but great to wear with casual outfits, or maybe even layer for a more dramatic look. Here's a sneak peak - I took a photo of the TV with my camera, so it's not a great photo - but it gives you an idea of the design.

I'm going to work on a bracelet for myself inspired by this piece. I'm starting with Argentium Silver, thick 8 gauge round wire. I'll start by cutting a length of wire (about 5 inches) and begin to shape the wire into a circle, then I'll start hammering! I'll update soon with my progress.